charms 2

motifs for good luck

Following the last column, here are Ellen Baker’s charms again. This week we introduce cotton linen series.
“The sheep are in celebration of the Year of the Sheep, and many of the other motifs are reminiscent of good luck charms.”(Ellen Baker)

Persimmons JG42200-200 Cotton/Linen Canvas JG42200-200_2

The larger scale and fruit motif make this perfect for kitchen items like place mats, tablecloths, or pot holders.

Sheep JG42200-201 Cotton/Linen Canvas JG42200-201_2

The sheep are great for bags, pillows, or quilts.

Half-Round JG42200-202 Cotton/Linen Canvas JG42200-202_2

This versatile fabric works well alone or in combination with the other prints. I think it’s perfect for bags, pillows, and home decor projects.