touches of gold metallic

Here are Ellen Baker’s collection, Charms.
“I wanted to continue to focus on simple geometric designs in this collection while bringing in touches of gold metallic. The double gauze cotton is made of two layers, each of them very lightweight, but the two layers together make the fabric a perfect weight for garment sewing.”(Ellen Baker)

Plus Dots JG42100-100 double gauze JG42100-100_2

The double gauze prints are perfect for baby items, quilts, or clothing. This print is versatile and can be used in many ways.

Posies JG42100-101 double gauze JG42100-101_2

The flowers with geometric background could be used to make clothing, bags, or quilts. This fabric is perfect for scarves!

Bamboo JG42100-102 double gauze JG42100-102_2

As with all of the double gauze fabrics, the soft feel makes this one perfect for clothing. The extra weight of the two layers works well and holds its shape.