Plump Cheeks ‘70s Retro  

Retro and Pop Motifs

New designs from plump cheeks are here! The name plump cheeks means inflated or puffy cheeks in English. This cute fabric is presented with the concept to inflate with knowledge, creativity and fun. The theme for the new design is ‘70s Retro, looking very charming with beaming brightness.

Retro★Drive H3160-1 Oxford (Ox) H3160-1

A fun drive with music is the concept behind this design. This free spirited ‘70s retro motif and pop looking stars create a lively atmosphere. Whether it is a backpack, hat or a table cloth for an outdoor event, this fabric will produce a lively feel

Retro Flower♥Market  H3170-1 Broadcloth H3170-1

The image behind this design is a most eye-grabbing woman at a festival of hippies. Clothing like a skirt or a dress, made with this fabric featuring a biased wavy line design will make you look slim! Covered button using the flower motif of the fabric will also look very cute.

Flag★Garland H3170-2 Broadcloth H3170-2

Whether at home, in the garden or at a campsite, the flag garland is very useful. The fabric’s design is such that you can easily make a garland by simply cutting and pasting. For a flag garland, you can just use a single small triangle or make it larger by using multiple triangles. This fabric will add a pop touch regardless of the items you are making, like for example, a pouch, bag or a throw pillow cover.