Boater Hat

Size: 60cm (head circumference) 7cm (height) Recently it is rapidly gaining popularity among women. Though it has a manly shape, the addition of a ribbon will m... read more

Fluffy Drawstring Bag in Double Gauze Fabric

size:22.5cm (l – excludes opening fabric) 20cm (w – at the opening) 3cm (d) For its convenience, you can never have enough drawstring bags. Once you learn the p... read more

Front Tuck Dress

Size: M  This dress comes in the habitat fabric that features an echino-like animal design. The graphic geometric motifs in gold and silver print work as an acc... read more

Shoulder Gather Dress

Size: M The featured project is created with Trefle Cucito, a charming soft and fluffy double gauze fabric. With buttons in the front, it can also be stylishly ... read more

Drawstring Bag

Size: 30cm (l) 24cm (w – at the top) 6cm (d) This drawstring bag will make a perfect accompaniment for your outing during this balmy season. The fabric, line dr... read more

Tissue Box case

15cm (h) 37cm (w, opening) 24cm (bottom) 13cm (d) A lively looking fabric from the Real Printe series is turned into a tissue box case. The fabric’s design feat... read more

Two Way Bucket Bag

Size: 27cm (l) 18cm (bottom diameter) Despite its small size, this bucket-style bag can hold many going-out necessities such as a wallet and cell phone. The mai... read more

Smock for Grown-ups

Size:M  The featured smock for grown-ups is comfortable to wear with a loosely-designed neckline and armhole. The wide-open chest line allows you to put it on a... read more

Square Tote Bag (Medium)

Size: about 29cm (l) about 30cm (w) about 12cm (d) (handles excluded)  This medium-size tote bag is perfect for an everyday use. The wide gusset creates an ampl... read more

Dress with a Back Tuck

Size: M The featured dress comes in Natural life, a chic textile with a line drawing flair. A tuck in the back creates a simple design with a clean look in the ... read more

Tube Stopper Bag

Size: Bag portion – 22cm (l) 30cm (w) Olü Amu is a fabric series with the concept of “weaving” and “knitting.” Featured for this bag is the Mizutamari (water pu... read more

V Neck Blouse with a Long Scarf

55cm (length at back center) This tunic-length blouse will be your heavy rotation item as part of your spring and upcoming summer wardrobe. The matching long sc... read more

Marché Bag

Size: about 26cm (l) x about 48cm (w)   The jute coffee sacks coming from around the world are adorned with local logos and brand names, making them somewhat of... read more

Tunic Top

Size: Free This tunic top is made with the SIMPLE BLUE fabric, the design that looks like a plaid in a patchy paint. The single piece front body creates a clean... read more

Salopette Skirt

Size: Length about 125cm (including shoulder strap) The featured project is a saloppete (overall) skirt in stick from the 3min. 2017ss collection that was also ... read more

Long Gilet (Vest)

Size: Length – about 100cm The featured project is a long gillet (vest) that comes in a new fabric from the 3min. series. The charm of this air tumbler tr... read more

Reversible Skirt

Size: Skirt length 61cm Perfect for the upcoming season, this light skirt comes in KUPLAN KUKKA (Bubble Flower) from the kuiskaus by the textile designer, Sawak... read more

Drawstring Bag

Size: Bag About 38cm (l) 20cm (Bottom diameter) Perfect for an early spring outing, this drawstring bag is unique and stylish with the hemp yarn-woven bottom to... read more

Round Bottom Bag

Size: About 25cm (l) About 42.5cm (w) About 27cm (bottom) (Handle excluded) This large round-bottom tote bag with a sturdy flat handle comes in the LOGBOOK, a d... read more

Ribbon Bag

Size: Bag 20cm (l) 30cm (w) Ribbon 18cm (w) about 112cm (l) The first day of spring has come, yet the weather is still chilly. The featured project, a bag with ... read more
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