Ribbon Bag

Size: Bag 20cm (l) 30cm (w) Ribbon 18cm (w) about 112cm (l) The first day of spring has come, yet the weather is still chilly. The featured project, a bag with ... read more

Clutch Bag with a Toggle Closure

Size (when opened): 62cm (l) 42cm (w) The featured project is a super popular item of late, a clutch bag. It is very fashionable with a toggle button and cord c... read more

Square Bag with a Diagonal Handle

Size: 30cm (l) 30cm (w) This bag features a fabric from echino’s new design. A combination of the colors blue and yellow give the bag a fresh look. With added t... read more

Place Mat and Bag for a Drink Cup

Size: Place Mat 29cm (l) 38cm (w)     Bag for a Drink Cup 15cm (l) 13cm (w) 5cm (d) Continued from the previous week, series #2 of the new school year item feat... read more

School Bag and Indoor Shoe Bag

Bag 28.5cm (l) 37cm (w) 4cm (d) Shoe Bag 25.5cm (l) 18cm (w) 6cm (d) Today’s project is a school bag and indoor shoe bag, must-have items for a new school year.... read more

Throw Pillow Cover 

Size: 45cm x 45cm Throw pillows are wonderful tools for a quick room makeover. A cool Japanese modern design will perfectly fit both western and Japanese style ... read more

Reversible Apron in French Bulldog Fabric

Size: About 96cm (Length, strap included) A cute French bulldog print fabric is turned into a reversible apron. Depending on your mood, you can enjoy it in two ... read more

Matryoshka Nested Box

Size: Large 11cm (bottom diameter) 11cm (h) Medium 9cm (bottom diameter) 9cm (h) Small 7cm (bottom diameter) 7cm (h) These boxes feature a new lovely Matryoshka... read more

Mini Boston Bag

Size: 21cm (w) 14.5cm (l) 5.5cm (d)    This mini Boston bag is handy for a quick outing. It comes in the Animal+ fabric with a lined-up animal and fruit pattern... read more

Puppy Pouch

Size: 19.9cm (l) 22cm (w) The project is a flat pouch in print fabric with lovely puppies that make you want to hug them. Featuring an outer front zipper, the a... read more

Tied Shoulder Bag

Size: 28cm (l) x 35cm (w) Made with an ethnic style fabric, this shoulder bag features a tied handle design. The sewing process is rather simple, mainly constru... read more

Sailor Collar Kid’s Blouse

サイズ:100cm  The featured project is a lovely kid’s blouse with a sailor uniform style collar. It comes in a charming kitten-filled double gauze fabric from the T... read more

Clutch Bag

Size: about 19cm (l) x 43cm(w – widest point) x 12cm(d) A very popular item, clutch bag is here! The featured fabric, wonderland is a series inspired by the boo... read more

Square One Piece Dress

Size: Chest 156cm, Length 83cm:   Using Classic, a reproduction of traditional French design, a square one piece dress is created. A large sized antique print l... read more

Travel Tote

Size: 21cm (l) 31cm (w – max) 10cm (d) This travel tote is a kind of bag that you want to take on your trip. It features the Sticker from I♥TRAVEL, the design t... read more

Vegetable Tote

Size: 26cm (l) 45cm (w-opening) 31cm (bottom) 14cm (d) The featured project, veggie bag, is an item that is popular lately among fashion conscious people. This ... read more

Fur Pouch

Size: 17.2cm (l) 25.4cm (w) echino ni-co’s knit jacquard is turned into a pouch with a zipper. The ni-co’s masculine pattern looks slightly feminine with an add... read more

Shoulder Gather Dress

Size: M The featured project is created with Trefle Cucito, a double gauze fabric that makes grown-ups want to wear it. With ample gatherings on the shoulder, i... read more

Flat Handle Tote

Size: 27cm (l) 38cm (w – opening) 28cm (bottom) 10cm (d) The featured project is a tote bag made with echino ni-co’s sign, a hand drawn alphabet and bias stripe... read more

Mini Boston Bag

Size: 18.5cm (l) 25cm (w) 11cm (d) The featured project is a mini Boston bag made with a simple unisex design fabric, the ni-co collection from echino. With a s... read more
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