Two Way Bucket Bag

Size: 27cm (l) 18cm (bottom diameter) Despite its small size, this bucket-style bag can hold many going-out necessities such as a wallet and cell phone. The mai... read more

Smock for Grown-ups

Size:M  The featured smock for grown-ups is comfortable to wear with a loosely-designed neckline and armhole. The wide-open chest line allows you to put it on a... read more

Square Tote Bag (Medium)

Size: about 29cm (l) about 30cm (w) about 12cm (d) (handles excluded)  This medium-size tote bag is perfect for an everyday use. The wide gusset creates an ampl... read more

Dress with a Back Tuck

Size: M The featured dress comes in Natural life, a chic textile with a line drawing flair. A tuck in the back creates a simple design with a clean look in the ... read more

Tube Stopper Bag

Size: Bag portion – 22cm (l) 30cm (w) Olü Amu is a fabric series with the concept of “weaving” and “knitting.” Featured for this bag is the Mizutamari (water pu... read more

V Neck Blouse with a Long Scarf

55cm (length at back center) This tunic-length blouse will be your heavy rotation item as part of your spring and upcoming summer wardrobe. The matching long sc... read more

Marché Bag

Size: about 26cm (l) x about 48cm (w)   The jute coffee sacks coming from around the world are adorned with local logos and brand names, making them somewhat of... read more

Tunic Top

Size: Free This tunic top is made with the SIMPLE BLUE fabric, the design that looks like a plaid in a patchy paint. The single piece front body creates a clean... read more

Salopette Skirt

Size: Length about 125cm (including shoulder strap) The featured project is a saloppete (overall) skirt in stick from the 3min. 2017ss collection that was also ... read more

Long Gilet (Vest)

Size: Length – about 100cm The featured project is a long gillet (vest) that comes in a new fabric from the 3min. series. The charm of this air tumbler tr... read more

Reversible Skirt

Size: Skirt length 61cm Perfect for the upcoming season, this light skirt comes in KUPLAN KUKKA (Bubble Flower) from the kuiskaus by the textile designer, Sawak... read more

Drawstring Bag

Size: Bag About 38cm (l) 20cm (Bottom diameter) Perfect for an early spring outing, this drawstring bag is unique and stylish with the hemp yarn-woven bottom to... read more

Round Bottom Bag

Size: About 25cm (l) About 42.5cm (w) About 27cm (bottom) (Handle excluded) This large round-bottom tote bag with a sturdy flat handle comes in the LOGBOOK, a d... read more

Ribbon Bag

Size: Bag 20cm (l) 30cm (w) Ribbon 18cm (w) about 112cm (l) The first day of spring has come, yet the weather is still chilly. The featured project, a bag with ... read more

Clutch Bag with a Toggle Closure

Size (when opened): 62cm (l) 42cm (w) The featured project is a super popular item of late, a clutch bag. It is very fashionable with a toggle button and cord c... read more

Square Bag with a Diagonal Handle

Size: 30cm (l) 30cm (w) This bag features a fabric from echino’s new design. A combination of the colors blue and yellow give the bag a fresh look. With added t... read more

Place Mat and Bag for a Drink Cup

Size: Place Mat 29cm (l) 38cm (w)     Bag for a Drink Cup 15cm (l) 13cm (w) 5cm (d) Continued from the previous week, series #2 of the new school year item feat... read more

School Bag and Indoor Shoe Bag

Bag 28.5cm (l) 37cm (w) 4cm (d) Shoe Bag 25.5cm (l) 18cm (w) 6cm (d) Today’s project is a school bag and indoor shoe bag, must-have items for a new school year.... read more

Throw Pillow Cover 

Size: 45cm x 45cm Throw pillows are wonderful tools for a quick room makeover. A cool Japanese modern design will perfectly fit both western and Japanese style ... read more