Large One Handle Bag

Size: 28cm (l) 41cm (w – top side) 31cm (bottom) 10cm (d) Impressive with an eye-catching vermillion color, this one handle bag is made with echino’s embroidere... read more

Tote Bag with Frills

Size: about 30cm (l) x about 35cm (w) about 10cm (d) (Excludes handles) This tote bag features a double gauze fabric from echino’s popular design, hill. Maximiz... read more

Gown Style Cardigan

Size: 87cm (length) ray from the echino series is popular for its echino-like bold pattern. This cardigan features the double gauze from this lineup. The ribbon... read more

Fluffy Tote in Animal Print Fabric

Size: 33cm (l) 40cm (w – top side) 29cm (w – bottom side) 11cm (d) This tote has a realistic yet cute design of lined-up animal heads, and it comes in soft text... read more

Denim Big Tote

Size: about 40cm (l) x about 44cm (w) about 8cm (d) ※Excludes handles. This big tote bag in thick #10 cotton drill fabric from INDIGO+ series is perfect for eve... read more

Zipper Top Tote Bag

Size: about 30cm (l) about 50cm (w) about 16cm (d) (Excludes handles) The featured project is a large tote bag with an ample gusset. It is perfect for short tri... read more


Size:50cm (w) 2m (l) This stole is created by using the “overcast stitches and fringes” method, which is all done by hand. You can enjoy a gentle touch that can... read more

Three Piece Set from 60cm Panel Fabric

Size: 〈Tote Bag〉 About 27cm (l) About 27cm (w) (Handles excluded) 〈Pouch〉About 13cm (l) About 21cm (w)  〈Clutch Bag〉About 27cm (l) About 23cm (w) (Handles exclu... read more

Long Tunic

Size: Back length 110cm The shop windows in town are already adorned with new outfits for autumn. Looking ahead to the upcoming season, the featured project is ... read more

Tote Bag with Angled Handles

Size: About 30cm (l) About 50cm (w) About 14cm (d) (Handles excluded)  The Kitchen cloth, a series of fabrics accented with stripes and border designs, is turne... read more

Café Style Kid’s Apron

Size: For kids with 110cm-140cm height Illustrator and author of children’s books, Momoro’s zakka general merchandise brand, Bitte Mitte’s fabric is featured fo... read more

Pot Holder

Size: 10cm (l) 10cm (opening diameter) The featured project is a practical yet lovely cone shaped pot holder. By combining different patterns and colors, you ca... read more

Tied Handle Bag

Size: 22.5cm (l) 25cm (w) 22cm (d) This bag, featuring the second fabric series from tayutou, is characterized by its tied handle, and is designed by Ayumi Toda... read more

Tuck Tote with Large Gusset

Size: 30cm (l) 38cm (w) 15cm (gusset at the top) 18cm (bottom) This large tote bag with ample gusset is made with echino’s standard, a design that features a co... read more

Animal Head

Size: About 25cm (l) About 15cm (w) About 22cm (d)  ※excluding antler  This animal head, created with a combination of echino’s standard dot design and solid co... read more

Everyday Apron

65cm (apron length) Everyday chores become fun with this apron filled with animal prints. The pockets are added for both front and back, allowing you to be flex... read more

Boater Hat

Size: 60cm (head circumference) 7cm (height) Recently it is rapidly gaining popularity among women. Though it has a manly shape, the addition of a ribbon will m... read more

Fluffy Drawstring Bag in Double Gauze Fabric

size:22.5cm (l – excludes opening fabric) 20cm (w – at the opening) 3cm (d) For its convenience, you can never have enough drawstring bags. Once you learn the p... read more

Front Tuck Dress

Size: M  This dress comes in the habitat fabric that features an echino-like animal design. The graphic geometric motifs in gold and silver print work as an acc... read more

Shoulder Gather Dress

Size: M The featured project is created with Trefle Cucito, a charming soft and fluffy double gauze fabric. With buttons in the front, it can also be stylishly ... read more
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