Cotton Sateen One-Piece Dress

Size: 58cm (garment width), 97cm (dress length)

Huedrawer is echino’s new fabric which comes in soft and silky cotton sateen. From Huedrawer, soaring was selected to create a one-piece dress designed by a fabric artist named Kimie Shimizu. On soaring, a sea of flying birds covers the fabric. To make the fabric’s design shine, the style of the dress is kept rather simple. The treatment around the neckline and armhole with bias binding tape adds style. The accent of the dress is to make it look cute by putting a bow on the front neckline.

Design & creation :Kimie Shimizu(style of ile)

Fabric shown for this sample:
 echino Huedrawer soaring JG99900-902 (D)

□ Fabric: 2.1m (110cm wide)
□ Bias binding tape: 3m (finished width 1.1cm) cs75_2

We interviewed Kimie about her creation:
Kokka Fabric (KF): What did you think of the fabric you used for this project?
I wanted to utilize the modestly-soft texture of cotton sateen fabric. Though it is cotton, it drapes loosely which makes it suitable for making clothing.

KF: Can you tell us any special elements or ideas that you incorporated into this creation?
The shape of the design drapes down from the shoulder, making it an easy slip on/slip off dress. To create a beautiful profile around the armhole, a bias binding tape was used as an accent rather than cutting off the armhole in a straight line.

KF: What are some tips for making this dress?
Please carefully place the bias binding tape around the neckline and armhole before stitching.

KF: How should we wear this dress in everyday situations?
You can create a very stylish look with this dress. Coordinate it with a pair of tights and pumps or boots, add a long necklace, and with a turtle neck shirt or a blouse. If you use a different type of fabric, you could enjoy a casual style dress with the same design.

KF: Thank you very much, Kimie! Here are sewing instructions along with step by step photos from her. Enjoy crafting!

How to make Cotton Sateen One-Piece Dress

Piece together the fabrics at the shoulder.

Sew together both sides.

Serge or run zigzag stitches on the shoulder and side seams over two layers of the fabric. (the above picture used a lockstitch sewing machine for this treatment)

Finish the hem.

With a bias binding tape, wrap the neckline and stitch all around.

With a bias binding tape, wrap both armholes and stitch all around.

Using a bias binding tape (about 30cm), run a topstitch to make a cord, sew it on the neckline at 9cm from the shoulder, and then tie a bow.


Click here for Sewing Instructions (PDF format / A4 size)