Ready-to-sew fabric

A perfect fabric for making travel organizers and small cases!

The ready-to-sew fabric is here! Various cut-and-sew motifs appear all throughout the fabric. With this easy-to-sew fabric, you can quickly make large and small drawstring bags and cases. A variety of travel-related items – bags, shoes, headsets and cameras – are stylishly designed. They will definitely be useful as travel organizers. The excitement of the travel starts when you open your suitcase – this fabric will help create a fun atmosphere.

Making Cloth (ready-to-sew fabric)  P28200-200 #10 Canvas
making cloth

  • making cloth
  • making cloth
  • making cloth

Perfect for both men and women, monochrome tones and cold colors complete a cool image with this fabric. You can quickly make drawstring bags using a cut-and-sew motif or create a stylish applique by combining with other fabrics.

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