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Stylizing daily “things” and “happenings” in graphic style

It was this site’s Inspiration column (Japanese edition) in November, 2014, that Ayumi Toda and her hand crafted efforts were initially introduced. The article caught the attention of Kokka’s creative director and led to the birth of “tayutou” in June, 2016, which is her collaborative textile line with Kokka. Here is a special interview with such a great talent spawned from this site.

va12_1_fabricauka02 (KF): Did you like handcrafting at an early age?

Yes. I loved home economics class since elementary school. I looked for hours at my mother sewing and often stayed in my auntie’s dressmaking room to make something with remnant. I was a happy homebody when I was young.
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【EVENT】International Quilt Market Houston 2016

October 29,30,31,2016
International Quilt Market Houston 2016

Place:George R. Brown Convention Center
1001 Avenida De Las Americas Houston, Texas 77010 USA
Please visit us at booth no.134, 234 (Kokka Co.,ltd. distributed by Seven Islands, Inc.)

Show Hours:
Oct. 29 & 30 : 9:30 a.m.-6 p.m.
Oct. 31 : 9:30 a.m.-4 p.m.

We introduce brand-new fabrics.

*Trade show only. Not open to the general public.
You will find more detail at

Masahiro Tobita (Designer for “spoken words project”)

Pursuing the creations of something original free from established ideas

The Japanese fashion brand “spoken words project” has a reputation for its clothes made uniquely with hand-dyed or hand-printed technique. Masahiro Tobita, who has nurtured the brand, is currently involved in a wide range of activities surpassing the fashion field such as stage costume design, scenography, and textile design as well as creating clothing. Tobita’s “spoken words project” teamed up with Kokka to create a new textile brand named “3min.” which made a cool debut in June, 2016. Here is an extensive interview with Tobita who is pursuing something new. This will show you what is behind his design work.

va011_1 (KF): What type of boy were you when you were young?

 I always wanted to do something different from the others, and I was really competitive. My everyday clothes were made by my mother who had studied at Bunka Fashion College, Japan’s leading fashion school. Indeed, I wore them delightedly.
In my junior high years, I got interested in fashion. I frequented secondhand clothes shops in Harajuku. There had been many thrift stores in Harajuku area until DC (Designer Character) brand boom arose in ‘80s when I was in high school.
I had wished to go to a high school with design department, but it was located outside of my school district. Eventually I entered a regular high school in compliance with my father who was a strictly traditional Japanese male.

(pic: This woodblock print is Tobita’s art project in his junior high years titled “Portrait of My Friend”)

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Parallels 2

Animal prints that are perfect for children’s apparel

Continued from last column, Ellen Baker’s new collection Parallels is featured, including two designs of cotton/linen canvas and two designs of brushed cotton flannel fabrics.

Pandas JG42800-800 Cotton Linen Canvas
JG42800-800 _1JG42800-800_2

In every collection, Ellen always features simple and easy-to-use geometric patterns. In Parallels animal motifs are added as new elements. Looking like stamped images, somewhat mature looking animals make this fabric perfect for bags and small cases for adults as well as for home décor items.

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Stylish Double Gauze with Geometric Motifs

Atlanta, USA resident and quilter Ellen Baker’s new fabrics, Parallels, are here. Inspired from the 1980s style, this new collection features a design in double gauze, cotton linen canvas and flannel, each with two different designs for a total of six. This week we are introducing the double gauze selections.

Hashtags JG42700-700 Double Gauze Cotton 100% JG42700-700_2

Believe it or not, the motif is a hashtag. Looking almost like a stitched design, these geometric small patterns are all over the fabric, making any part of the fabric suitable for projects. A soft touch double gauze is perfect for apparel as well as for curtains.

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