Enjoying the texture of a hand drawn touch

“A fabric that decorates everyday living like a landscape painting” is the concept behind the birth of the KESHIKI series. The usual sceneries like sky, mountain and cityscape are freely and spontaneously composed in line drawings to create the patterns.

weekend city JG30000-1 30 Viyella Cotton 100% JG30000-1_2

The neon lights looking sharp at night and the lively townscape on the weekend are the design inspirations. By printing the patterns against the dark background, variety of textures stand out and look brilliantly in a hand-drawn manner. The bold pattern is perfect for bags as well as for a primary piece like a skirt or a one-piece dress.
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echino Jacquard Series 2016

New patterns are added to the popular series!

New patterns are now added to echino’s popular jacquard series that were initially introduced last year. In jacquard weaves, the depth of the weave and glossy yarn create the upscale and dimensional feel of the material. Normally jacquard weave reminds you of a solid, stiff and heavy fabric, but echino’s jacquard is meticulously created with proper thickness, ease of handling as a fabric, colorful tones and echino’s distinctive stylish design in mind.
From home and interior décor sewing projects to bags and small items, you can enjoy a variety of creations with this fabric that is colorful yet chic at the same time.

seed JG96160-60 PE Jacquard Polyester 100% JG96160-60_2

Large “seeds” that are about to pop are rhythmically drawn. While it is a bold design, patterns are suitable for any kind of project. The lovely design can be enjoyed in a mature style with this distinctively woven material.

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tayutou 2

Familiar sceneries as geometric motifs

tayutou is featured again, this time with a focus on two designs and solids. Though both patterned fabrics and solids have unique color tones, they somehow enhance the look of each other. Enjoy finding distinctive looks by pairing these one-of-a kind fabrics!
tayutou now has a website (, where you will find various project examples using the series.

fujisan JG50880-804 Cotton Linen Canvas

Popular patterns from fabric uka is now featured in tayutou with special color tones. Well-known Fujisan (Mt. Fuji) is patterned as motifs in a geometric form. While all three colors have unique combination of hues, you can enjoy different color pairings within one project. Depending on how you cut the fabric, it can generate an interesting impression by incorporating horizontal and vertical pattern combinations.

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Daily lives as motifs

Ayumi Toda (aka fabrica uka) engages herself in all aspects of creation from textile design to production. Retaining the world of fabrica uka, tayutou is born as a textile to be enjoyed for home sewing projects.
“There is a variety of ‘things’ and ‘happenings’ in our lives. You may think they exist in a same manner all the time, but they may change and come and go without you knowing like a floating air. tayutou incorporates these everyday ‘things’ and ‘happenings’ as motifs. These motifs then become moyou (patterns) and return back into the daily lives in a variety of forms.” (Ayumi Toda)
Designed by Toda who is also a hand craft artist of small items, the series feature a whole lineup of easy-to-use and stylish small patterned fabrics in six different designs including a matching tone solids. Three selected designs are highlighted here.

rootcrop JG50800-800 Cotton Linen Canvas JG50800-800_2

Root vegetables, a type of crop that absorbs nutrients from the ground has a unique look in cross section. Sometimes it looks humorous and sometimes it looks full of energy. Looking at the surface makes you feel enriched.
The design represents a fresh yet somewhat gentle feel of root vegetables that are fun to watch and tasty to eat.
An organic line connects the motifs to add a softer design flow. Take advantage of this linear look to create a fluffy skirt or a bag.

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The natural whisper is turned into textiles

A fantastic series of fabrics have arrived from Finland! The series, Kuiskaus, a Finnish word for a whisper, is designed by Sawako Ura, a successful freelance textile designer working in Helsinki. “In Finland, nature exists as if it were a part of everyday life. The whisper that I encountered in Finland through nature is represented in the form of textile. I hope you will enjoy the breath of nature that can be heard through these textiles.” (Sawako Ura)

“LUMITUISKU” (Snow Bank) JG31000-1 80 Lawn Salt Shrinking Cotton 100% JG31000-1_2

The snow that keeps falling silently and getting deep.
The design describes a scene of Finland’s long winter where the snow gets deeper and deeper. The soft white flakes silently get collected as if flower petals were accumulated. With this image in mind, the texture of this cotton is dimensional with a slight indentation in a gauze fabric like softness.

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