echino Knit Jacquard

echino design expressed in the form of a soft knit

A very first echino’s knit jacquard fabric is here. Taking softness and stretch into consideration, the design is kept simple yet very echino-like with a combination of colors. You can enjoy a variety of projects like small fashion goods, bags, and interior décor items with this new and versatile material.

panther JG96200-200 Knit jacquard JG96200-200_2

Among echino’s fabric series, the long-running popular fabric panther now comes in a knit jacquard. The dot pattern is accented with panthers. From small items to bags and clothing, this fabric is perfect for any project.

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Creative Thursday “the tinies”

A World of Tiny Objects Spread Throughout the Fabric

“Creative Thursday” is a blog started in 2004 by an American designer, Marisa Anne with a wishful idea, “Engaging in creative activities at least on Thursdays.”
Marissa’s lovely illustrations created a sensation through SNS and blogosphere, and this popularity led to an introduction of her picture books and children’s clothing.
Finally in 2015, her fabric series, “the tinies” has been introduced. In “the tinies”, a world of tiny objects from her blog are spread all over the fabric. All five styles are created with uniform personalities and color tones which enable you to come up with interesting combinations of fabrics.

the tinies JG50100-100 Cotton Linen Canvas 

What we consider the main characters of Creative Thursday, tiny animals, are all gathered here. Don’t these aligned animals look like they are holding hands with each other? This slightly thicker fabric will be great for making a kid’s jumper skirt and a pair of salopette.

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Trefle Cucito

The Theme is Wearable Double Gauze for Grown Ups

Double gauze is normally thought to be used for a baby’s items or face masks with designs targeted for children. The featured fabric, Trefle Cucito, is created under the theme, “Wearable Gauze Fabric for Grown Ups.” Understated elegant color tones and gentle motifs will broaden the possibilities for fashion styling.

Beehive P38800-800 Double Gauze P38800-800_2

Looking closely, you will notice a beehive design with aligned hexagonal shapes and occasional flying bees in gold lamé. A matching outfit in different colors will be stylish, like a child’s dress in a light color and a dress for an adult in a dark color.

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Showa Retro

Japanese Style Design with Nostalgic Motifs

A nostalgic fabric with a feel of the “Showa” era is here. In olden days, workers at shoyu (soy sauce) and liquor stores used to wear this type of apron… this is the concept behind the design of this series. This thick #8 canvas textile looks gorgeous with gold lamé treatment.

*Showa era – A Japanese period from 1926 to 1989, often referred to as nostalgic era.

Dharma Doll P38100-100 #8 Canvas P38100-100_2

This design features Dharma dolls, a motif that is believed to bring happiness. Like the saying, “Life is full of ups and downs” – a fallen Dharma is part of the design with the wishes that one recovers from a hardship.

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