Joielinne Autumn

Sewing matching items for the whole family♩

Continued from our initial introduction back in March 2014, the Joielinne’s new design has arrived. The name, Joielinne, is a French coined word meaning thrilling and exciting. This fabric is perfect for creating items that can be enjoyed by everyone in the family – Why not make a skirt for a mom and a dress for a child?

Random Stripe P30400-400 40 Double Gauze P30400_400_2

On this print fabric, various flowers and leaves are patchworked in a stripe. Did you notice the hiding acorns in the design? What is nice about this soft and airy 40 double gauze fabric is that it creates a very fluffy look with drapes and gathering. Colorful yet calm color tones remind you of the first sign of fall.
Why not go out for “finding a hint of fall” wearing this fall-like fabric filled with acorns and leaves.

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Inspiration file51
A black and white “Alice” crossbody bag


“Alice’s Adventure in Wonderland” is one of the more popular creation themes among handicraft artists. Do you remember that we once featured the fabric collections named “nunokara x Etsuko Furuya ~ Alice in Wonderland” in our Textile Story column? The collection, which is great for apparel or bags, has been preferred by many creators for their sewing projects because of its bilateral look of a girly sweetness and a grown-up taste.

A popular craft blogger Yuki Inomata a.k.a. neige+, is one of those who enjoys creating various items with the fabric collection. The crossbody bag in the above picture is what Inomata recently made as requested by her tween daughter who had liked the “Alice” print. Sewn with leather, this bag is not childish anymore.

“I used a dark brown faux leather to make the bag look better in appearance. I tried but failed to topstitch (to achieve a professional look) on the leather flap. It was not easy to sew parallel to a seam on the right side of the leather. But I still flatter myself that I did my best.” Inomata says with a smile.

The faux leather is a user-friendly material that can be sewn on the domestic sewing machine. “Faux leather is a pile fabric with a nonwoven backing. This feature does not cause you any difficulty in sewing faux leather and cotton fabric together. However, it was really difficult for me to stitch on the right side of one faux leather layered over another (faux) leather. Hopefully I will find a solution through trial and error.” (by Inomata)

As well as the leather, the antique brass thumb catch on the flap creates a mature impression. According to Inomata, the thumb catch is her favorite item to sew on when making a wallet. She continues, “Last January, I took my daughter to a quilt show. When she saw an accordion wallet bag at the site, she told me she really liked it. Since creating an accordion bag was too challenging for me, I decided to make this standard bag that I was familiar with.”

To add cuteness to the bag, she used a lace ribbon. “I just sewed a lace ribbon on the acrylic webbing for the shoulder strap. Then it became remarkably lovely!” (by Inomata)

Moreover, Inomata was particular about its size so that even adult can use this crossbody bag. She proudly explains, “The greatest appeal of this bag is that it completely accommodates a long wallet. Don’t you have an experience that you chose to buy a bag by its appearance, but actually it was too small to put your long or even folded wallet in? Recalling my own experience and my daughter’s original order for an accordion wallet bag, I kept an enough width for the bag to contain a long wallet.”

This bag abounds in her ingenuity. Surprisingly there is a hidden zipper pocket in the lining of the bag. The red “Rabbit” dot print from the same fabric collection is used for the pocket. A breathtakingly bright red color shows up when the pocket is unzipped. Aren’t you curious about how the inside of the bag is? Click HERE for details about this “Alice” crossbody bag.

You can get more information about Inomata’s creative activity at

pokefasu × KOKKA

A fun world filled with silly jokes, graffiti and pranks!

This week we are introducing a collaborative work with pokefasu, a fun brand designed by Junichi Chiba of kiip.

“The name, pokefasu, was the result of a slip of the pen. It was meant to be “poker face.” So, we are always trying to come up with a silly product that stops you from having a poker face.” (by Chiba)
pokefasu are extremely popular with products such as embroidered broaches and stuffed animals full of characters’ unique expressions and gestures. This fabric collaboration explodes with pokefasu world, a product of Chiba’s wild imaginations! “With this fabric, I want people to be playful when sewing – using the hidden character in a conspicuous location or use it in a hidden place like inside the small case. This way it will make you feel more attached to your handmade creations. Or you could be totally spontaneous and just be fun. Just cut the fabric and see what you can do. The edges are designed with cheerful elements. So be creative and make something with it. Just like a monkfish, a fish that has nothing to waste, I want everyone to cook with the pokefasu fabric. I am just joking, but this is definitely the fabric for everyone’s fun sewing moments.”

Hunting Cats  JG・JGQ45000-1 Cotton linen canvas (JG) Quilted fabric (JGQ) pokefasu pokefasu JG45000_1_2

This fabric is filled with a variety of pokefasu characters that cover the fabric entirely. It almost looks like a single piece of art with a bizarre story.
“In the pokefasu forest, possibly because of global warming, they had a rich harvest of poke fruit this year. Everybody is out to gather the harvest. Hearing the news, mean looking cats from the neighboring villages are invading our forest from the sky. (For whatever reason, bagworm-looking dogs are appearing here and there). Villagers with poor climbing skills only get to pick the ones fallen on the ground. The cats are up in the tree, grabbing as much fruit as they want. But we wonder how the cats will take their yield home. Nobody knows. With villagers on the ground, they cannot walk home….” (by Chiba)
Incorporating the fun element of a single-piece print, you may find it interesting to make an apron or use it as a fabric panel.

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Tiny Animal

A perfect fabric for small goods – filled with tiny animal designs

Owls, hedgehogs, bulldogs…..these popular animal motifs fill this small print fabric. Etching-like illustrations make this animal-themed fabric attractive without being too cute. Perfect for making stylish cosmetic cases or pouches with a metal clasp. Even a mature woman may want to secretly keep these items made from this fabric in her purse.

Pöllö  P29700-700 Cotton/Linen Canvas P29700_700_1

  • P29700_700_2
  • P29700_700_3
  • P29700_700_4

An owl, a bird that is said to bring happiness, is a very popular Kokka fabric motif. A solid feel cotton linen canvas is suitable for making everyday items such as small cases or lunch box (bento) carriers.

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Framework 2

fabrics from Ellen Baker – Collection #2 featuring Double Gauze Cotton JG41800_baby-blanket

Continued from last column, we are presenting Ellen Baker’s latest collection, Framework in double gauze cotton. As her series often features a cotton-linen canvas, the use of double gauze is new to her. Ellen says, “This collection includes three prints in double gauze cotton, which is very exciting for me. The double gauze cotton sews like a dream and is incredibly soft. It is perfect for clothing and baby items. I have already made a little tunic with the Sitting Geese fabric and a soft quilt with all the double gauze cottons mixed together.”
According to Ellen, “The colors in this collection are happy and bright.” Chartreuse, blue and soft gray compose the basic colors.

Sitting Geese JG41800_800 Double Gauze JG41800_800_2

Sitting Geese comes in chartreuse, aqua and gray. “The whimsical geese pattern is designed to be subtle and abstract so that it could be used for adult or children’s clothing.” (by Ellen)

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fabrics from Ellen Baker – Simple geometric designs are here!


It has been more than a year since Folk Modern was introduced in June 2013. We are presenting a new line of fabrics by an Atlanta, US based quilter, Ellen Baker. The theme for this collection is “Framework.”
According to Ellen, she likes simple designs in limited colors that can be used in a variety of ways. Continued from the previous collection, she once again drew inspiration from geometric forms. The design is plain, satisfying and very versatile for any type of project. In this new series, a double gauze cotton, which will be introduced in next column, is also included. Don’t miss it!

Daisy Chain JG41900-900  Cotton Linen Canvas Ellen Baker Frame work

This fabric with a small pattern is perfect for quilts, bags, and other patchwork items. The colors, royal blue, gray and teal are nice basics to blend with other fabrics.

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Children’s Castle

A soft double gauze fabric – perfect for children’s clothing!

Children’s favorite motifs such as teddy bears and working vehicles cover this fluffy double gauze fabric. A soft material is suitable for children’s clothing like a dress or a shirt. Its superabsorbent nature is appropriate for making a face mask. For pm2.1 air protection, you may want to make one for everyday in different patterns.

Silhouette Wonderland P29200-203 Double Gauze

  • P29200_203_2
  • P29200_203_3
  • P29200_203_4

This Alice in Wonderland inspired fabric is finished with a touch of paper cutouts. A lace and a ribbon addition will turn this fabric into a cute gothic-lolita themed girl’s dress.

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Real Flower

A realistic print fabric is very popular!

Kokka has a realistic print fabric lineup. On these fabrics, the realistic design looks like a cut out from a photo. Today we are featuring a dazzlingly bright and colorful flower print fabric. The Oxford material is perfect for a bag for outing as it is slightly thicker and stronger than a broadcloth. If you make household décor items like throw pillows and aprons in this fabric, it will bring brightness to your entire house.

Colorful Bouquet  P-29300-300 Oxford (Ox) real flower P29300_300

  • real flower P29300_300
  • real flower P29300_300
  • real flower P29300_300

This is a gorgeous print fabric full of colorful flowers. It is of course perfect for everyday items like tote bags and small cases. A clutch bag in this fabric will also be stylish. It will raise the bag’s look a notch above.

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animal runway

Fashion show by animals!

A variety of animals are dressed up and walking down the runway…. With this unique concept in mind, animal runway was created as a first collaboration series with a Korean company, NESSHOME. Three different designs come in various materials. Making the best use of each material, you can enjoy many types of sewing projects including clothing, bags and interior décor items.

Animal Runway  HFG-102 Cotton canvas animal runway

  • HFG102_2
  • HFG102_3
  • HFG102_4

This fabric is representative of the concept of the series. With largely designed animals, it is perfect as a tapestry for kid’s room. Cut out pieces of the design will look stylish as an applique or are perfect for making small cases in different sizes.

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Inspiration file50
A double gauze facial mask


Do you remember one of our previous articles in this column on “cosplay” dresses sewn by Masumi Saito? In the interview about the dresses, Saito recalled that she had been supposed to make a facial mask with the fabric (but then changed her sewing project). But at last, she made the three-dimensional facial masks as her original plan. The masks in the above pictures are amazing, aren’t they?

Nowadays many people in Japan tend to wear facial mask because of public hygiene; it helps to prevent colds and flu from spreading between individuals as well as protect from pollens, dust, and pollutants in the air. “For such an item of daily use, why not put on a lovely one?” That is the reason Saito started to create the three-dimensional facial masks with her favorite double gauze prints. Once she posted the masks on her blog and online store, Saito received numerous positive feedbacks that she had never expected.

Saito says, “As soon as my creations were uploaded on Instagram and Facebook, many inquiries and requests came to me. Listening to them, I conceived an idea to offer for sale with two options to the customers; a finished mask or a custom-made one so each would select print from the in-stock fabrics. As a result, I got numerous orders. Some people bought finished masks. But I actually received way more orders for fabric-selectable ones although I had to check the inventory of available fabrics.”

The cuteness, uniqueness, and practicality – these factors contribute to the high popularity of the facial mask.

“The mask made with four layers of double gauze has firmness and thickness. The three-dimensional shape helps small children breathe more easily.” (by Saito)

Saito always surprises and excites us with her original creations. Everyone wants to know what her next project is.

For more information about Saito’s creative activity, go to

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