Dress with a bow for a grown up

Size: Free

MATCHSTICKS from Ellen Baker’s new collection, ROUGH CUT is featured as a one-piece dress. Taking advantage of the double gauze’s soft texture, the design introduces a belt with a bow as a style accent. With pockets on the side, the dress is also practical.

Design & Work:Kokka Fabric

Fabric shown for this sample:
 ellen baker ROUGH CUT MATCHSTICKS JG42600-600C

□ Outer fabric 110cm wide x 290cm
□ Fusible interfacing 90cm wide x 20cm


Click here for Sewing Instructions (PDF format / A4 size)

Sas and Yosh Textile

The world of happy confusion

A joyful textile collection from UK-based artists duo, Sarah Bellisario and Yoshie Allan is here!
Its theme is ‘The world of happy confusion’.

“In a magical garden, under a mysterious moon night, the dwarves, insects and animals are having their festival. A circus, dancing with beautiful wings, a wonderful tea party and endless chatter.
Humans have never known such a world of happy confusion!
Created by Sas and Yosh with their unique quirky collaborative illustration and colouring.”(Sas ans Yosh)

Sweetie Tweetie JG50900-1 cotton linen canvas
kokka-fabric.com JG50900-1_1kokka-fabric.com JG50900-1_2

These two birds are our ‘Sas and Yosh’ brand icon. We love them playing and chatting on a colourful polka dot background in 4 colourways.
This Cotton Linen canvas is durable and perfect for handmade bag, jacket, pants or skirt as well as interior items such as curtain, cushion covers.

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Irome2016 2

With deepening autumn colors and snowy winter in mind

Continued from last column, we are introducing new designs from Irome, a Japanese four seasons themed fabric. This week the autumn and winter color fabrics are featured.

Autumn HFG108-1(C), HFG108-2(C)、HFG108-3(C)、HFG108-4(C)、HFG108-5(A) Broadcloth
kokka-fabric.com Irome_aki_1kokka-fabric.com Irome_aki_2

Autumn is a time of harvest. The nuts on the trees that are changing colors to purple and falling leaves that are turning mustard yellow are the inspiration behind this design. An item like a bag created with a slightly subdued color combination will be stylish.

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Irome 2016

Allowing you to enjoy the patchwork of four seasons

The third collection from Irome, a Japanese four seasons themed fabric, is here. First introduced as a fabric for patchwork and quilting, the Irome series expresses the four seasons using unique colors. For 2016’s third season line up, a dynamic design like a collage of small items has been added.
kokka-fabric.com Irome2016

Spring  HFG108-1(A), HFG108-2(A)、HFG108-3(A)、HFG108-4(A)、HFG108-5(A) Broadcloth
kokka-fabric.com Irome_haru_1kokka-fabric.com Irome_haru_2

The yellow of mustard flowers and soft pink of cherry blossoms were kept in mind for this design. An addition of refreshing green makes it suitable for spring themed interior décor, the season busy with people moving.

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