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Drawstring Bag

Size: 〈Drawstring Bag Large〉about 55cm (l) about 42cm (w) (handle not
〈Drawstring Bag Small〉about 43cm (l) about 32cm (w) (handle not

Today’s featured project, drawstring bag, uses River Rocks from the 3min., a fabric that made its cool debut at a 2016 collection event in June. Depending on how you use the design, the large motif could change the look of a bag, which makes it interesting. For instructions, large and small bags are featured.

Design & Work:Kokka Fabric

Fabric shown for this sample:

〈Drawstring Bag Large〉
□ Outer fabric: 106cm wide x 70cm
□ Herringbone tape: 2cm wide x 80cm
□ Handle tape: 5cm wide x 160cm
□ Round rope (medium) 100cm

〈Drawstring Bag Small〉
□ Outer fabric: 106cm wide x 50cm
□ Herringbone tape: 2cm wide x 60cm
□ Handle tape: 5cm wide x 130cm
□ Round rope (medium) 80cm


Click here for Sewing Instructions (PDF format / A4 size)


The natural whisper is turned into textiles

A fantastic series of fabrics have arrived from Finland! The series, Kuiskaus, a Finnish word for a whisper, is designed by Sawako Ura, a successful freelance textile designer working in Helsinki. “In Finland, nature exists as if it were a part of everyday life. The whisper that I encountered in Finland through nature is represented in the form of textile. I hope you will enjoy the breath of nature that can be heard through these textiles.” (Sawako Ura)

“LUMITUISKU” (Snow Bank) JG31000-1 80 Lawn Salt Shrinking Cotton 100% JG31000-1_2

The snow that keeps falling silently and getting deep.
The design describes a scene of Finland’s long winter where the snow gets deeper and deeper. The soft white flakes silently get collected as if flower petals were accumulated. With this image in mind, the texture of this cotton is dimensional with a slight indentation in a gauze fabric like softness.

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Tunic with a transition

Size: M

The featured project is a tunic top using Shizuku from the Ao series, a double gauze fabric that is also suitable for adults. A high-waisted transition from upper body to a lower body creates such a lovely look.

Design & Work: Kokka Fabric

Fabric shown for this sample:
AO H11300-300 (A)

□ Outer Fabric: 110cm wide x 200cm


Click here for Sewing Instructions (PDF format / A4 size)

3min. 2

Easy sewing with a simple linear cutting

Continued from last column, 3min. is featured, both in a #10 moire raised fabric. With proper thickness and tension, it is a versatile attractive material perfect for clothing and bags.

Bike JGA20030-1 #10 Moire Raised Fabric Cotton 100% JGA20030-1_2

The design inspiration for this fabric is a biker with a bandana on his head. It incorporates a playful element as well. By cutting out along the hatched line, you can make a bandana. While it has a wild image, the sweetness in the details of the geometry adds cuteness. It is a fabric that can be enjoyed by both male and female.

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Getting the clothes you want – fast and easy

The 3min. made its cool debut at a 2016 collection event in June. The concept is easy and simple clothes-making. Like three-minute cooking, it reflects the idea of “three-minute sewing.”
Rather than buying a ready-made clothing, making your own clothing is similar to enjoying a home cooked meal instead of simply buying a meal. Even if it’s something easy, if you make it, it can reflect your taste. Same goes for both cooking and sewing.
Masahiro Tobita, a designer for the spoken words project is the creator of this series. With a website already in place (, 3min. is available for sale starting August 1st. How exciting!

Machi (town)  JGA20010-1 Suede Cotton 100% JGA_20010-1_2

The design reflects an overview of the hustle and bustle of an orderly land in an urban neighborhood.
Layers of the transparent lines create a rhythm that represents the happiness in town.
This cotton suede fabric has a proper thickness and tension, which makes it perfect for making a pair of bottoms, coats and bags.

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