Hello Kitty

Hello Kitty fabric for grown-up women is here!

Besides Japan, Hello Kitty popularity is spreading all over the world. With this trend, grown-up Kitty fans are increasing. This series of fabric is created for female grown-ups to enjoy Kitty. The motifs incorporated European art and the color combination appeals to non-Japanese tastes. The theme of this fabric is “Kitty fabric for female grown-ups”, and it is perfect for making interior décor goods and bags. Of course, the pop and cute element of this fabric are well suited for a new school year items.

kitty_2013 _236px

Kitty skull design cotton broadcloth  G50182-1 Cotton broadcloth , GQ50182-1 Double Faced Quilt Fabric

  • 182_2
  • 182_3
  • 182_4

A skull, a popular motif overseas, is used for the design of this fabric. A vivid pink color acts as its accent.

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Neko Funjatta (The Flea Waltz)

Neko Funjatta (The Flea Waltz)

A fun collaboration of a kitty and music

“A girl taking a piano lesson” is the theme of this fabric and it is perfect for making items for a new school year. Using the piano tune, “Neko Funjatta (the Flea Waltz)“ as the subject, which many of you may remember playing while growing up, a combination of cats and music is presented as design motifs. Moms and kids can enjoy items in pairs – perfect for kid’s items such as school goods and lesson bags.

Grand Piano   P25200-200 Oxford (Ox)

  • 25200-200_2
  • 25200-200_3
  • 25200-200_4

A small grand piano and black cat walking on the keys – it is as if the light sound of Neko Funjatta (the Flea Waltz) can be heard from this fabric. The small size patterns are well-suited for making a cup holder or small cases.

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Dalarna Horse&Décor du ruban

Dalarna Horse&Décor du ruban

Perfect for gift wrapping!

This time we are introducing two fabric designs – horse and ribbon. For the horse fabric, the Swedish traditional folk art, the Dalarna Horse is used as a design motif.

Décor du ruban is a series that uses a classic and timeless motif “ribbon” for its design theme with different materials and patterns. Using a girl’s favorite design motif, ribbon, Décor du ruban is perfect for making cute zakka (everyday miscellaneous) items. You can be creative by making a hair accessory with a ribbon design fabric or combining it with lots of frills….. It’s a fabric for your super lovely goods making.

Dalarna Horse P26500-501 Cotton Broadcloth

  • 501_1
  • 502_3
  • 502_4

The design motif is Dalarna Horse in vibrant and beautiful colors. Intentionally using a large design, it is designed with Northern Europe in mind. The fabric is a thin cotton broadcloth that is easy to sew. As an interior décor accent, you can enjoy making a cushion cover. By utilizing the vivid color horses, a convenient small tote for a quick outing is also a great choice for a project.

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Wannabe Mickey and Minnie Print Fabric

You can become a popular character!

Of all the famous characters, Disney character’s popularity is the best by far. Recently, Disney products with an unconventional use of motif or color are catching on popularity. This “you can be a character” print fabric was designed to respond to the need for a playful fabric that can be used to make items for a new school year, or to transform you into a famous character such as Mickey or Minnie. A large pattern border is repeated at 60cm, which is the size just perfect for making a lesson bag or a smock.

Wannabe Mickey Border  G7009 Oxford (Ox)  GQ7009 Double Faced Quilt Fabric

  • 09_2
  • 09_3
  • 09_4
  • disney

Mickey’s iconic pants, shoes and hands are used as design motifs. The three-circle Mickey pattern is placed in-between as a design accent.

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Inspiration 32
Christmas felt cake


It’s already December. There is less than a month left this year.
Everywhere you look in town, you see holiday displays. The beautiful Christmas lights along Omotesando Avenue or Roppongi Hills have created a Christmas atmosphere in Tokyo. This coming March 11 will mark the 3rd anniversary since the Great East Japan Earthquake occurred. Seeing towns spangled with lights and crowed with people, I feel that Japan has been regaining vitality little by little. But thinking of those who are still evacuees while towns are in a celebratory mood, I also make a wish for everyone’s happiness and health.

While people feel busy with special events and parties in the last month of the year, craft shows for Christmas are held throughout Japan. The other day I went to an “exhibition & sale” style craft shop named “ATELIER FIVE” which was opened for only 2 days in Nishiogikubo*), Tokyo.

The small gallery was full of felt items by Kuniko Kitamuki and her pals’ fabric or knitted accessories.

In the picture is a Christmas cake Kitamuki created with sheets of felt. The whipped cream around the cake was also made of felt.

“Fold each felt circle in half, sew several pieces together, open it, and you will have such a round stuff.” Kitamuki said.

The small fuzz balls on the top add color to the cake stuffed with the winded and fluffy woolen yarn. The mock sugar cookies of Santa Claus and snowman are lovely, too. The Matryoshka dolls placed behind the cake are also the creations by Kitamuki. Each doll is in a different colored hood and different appliqué apron. The felt sheet of 20 square centimeters, which comes in various colors, is ideal material to work with and is so versatile. Don’t you think it must be fun to create Christmas felt ornaments with your children?

The gallery where the 2-day shop “ATELIER FIVE” was held is located a 10-minute walk from JR Nishiogikubo Station. Roaming around the neighborhood, there are lots of interesting shops, such as vegan confectionery shop “khanam”; “Re:gendo” restaurant where reusing a traditional Japanese house; and “café orchestra” restaurant that specializes in Indian curry. There are small but unique and cozy shops along the quiet streets where you feel like stopping by.

The popular fabric stores “Country Quilt Market” and “Early’s Print” are also in Nishiogikubo. Most of you will visit Shibuya or Harajuku when you come to Tokyo. But please keep mind that the town Nishiogikubo is one of recommended places to check out in Tokyo.

You can see the blog of Kuniko Kitamuki at http://atelier5.exblog.jp

*) Nishiogikubo is a district in Suginami Ward of Tokyo. It takes 13-15 minutes from Shinjuku by JR Chuo/Sobu Line.