Ruby Star Polka Dot

the retro and stylish prints are perfect for clothes or bags!

Melody Miller, who was the first guest for our “visit artist” column, recently released her new collection named “Ruby Star Polka Dot”.

“In this collection, I included gold dots on each print, hence the name, Ruby Star Polka Dot. One of the things I began to do last year was included items in my booth at the International Quilt Market that were inspirations for future fabric collections. So, last fall, I had a vase full of arrows in my booth. I then drew the arrows and included them in Ruby Star Polka Dot for spring. Some people had asked me if I would design something that would work nicely for garments, so my arrow print was designed to be an apparel fabric.” Miller says.

Miller herself has made skirts, bags, pillows, kitchen items like hand towels and pot holders from these new prints. She continues, “My friend Alexia of Green Bee Patterns made a number of samples for Kokka’s spring display at Market. She made children’s clothes, women’s tunics, sewing kits, and handbags.”

flower JG56500-500  cotton/linen canvas

  • mm_500_2
  • mm_500_3

  • mm_500_4

This is a border print of vivid pink flowers. The kid’s dress with this fabric, which her friend Alexia Abegg of Green Bee Patterns made as a sample for the Quilt Market, was well-received there.

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tiny dancer

dancers loved around the world

The fabric line we are introducing to you this time is by melimba. The textile brand is run by Melissa Wood and her sister Rebecca who both live in Texas. They are excited to release their latest line ‘tiny dancer’, which is the first project for KOKKA.

“My mom taught me how to cut out paper dolls when I was younger, and I loved to make them. One of my best friends was a dancer growing up, so I cut up special ballerina paper dolls to wish her luck for her performance. It was a lot of fun and I still love to cut them out. One day I wanted to save time and skip the cutting, so I decided to make them digitally on my computer and easily change their outfits for different occasions, and that’s when the idea came to do dancing ballerinas. My younger sister and daughter love to dance, so it was often on my mind, and they were a big inspiration for this line. Hence, tiny dancer was born!” Woods says.

Woods continues that Rebecca has been a really big help for her to design and clean up the patterns. “It was really important to us to make sure that we represented girls all over the WORLD, because dancing is a universal language. I just love the concept of people coming together because of a common denominator. Isn’t it a neat idea? Becca and I worked for HOURS to make sure we had several different ethnicities represented in both the skin color and hair colors. It was hard work, but it was really important to us. I hope, as people see this fabric, and have dancers that they know and love, they’ll be able to pick out one of the girls that resembles them.”

The line is themed on dancers, but actually they have also prepared versatile small-patterned prints such as a fun floral, a great dotted stripe, and a classic damask.
“We’re using the fabric for all sorts of projects! My mom created this amazing quilt, a dress, and a skirt for my 5 year old daughter. Becca created a darling tote bag and cute bow-ties for my two sons. And, I created a few little dolls with the fabrics for them and for me. I plan to make more clothing like tunics, skirts, and dresses too.”

“I kept picturing parents making bags for their daughter to take to her dance class, a grandmother creating a little quilt for her grand-daughter who loves to dance, and I pictured people like me, who aren’t dancers, but like the simple and sweet design. Cute is cute, and people who like cute things might be a fan.” The small floral, dotted stripe or damask print is great for any project. They will be the accent fabrics as well.

tiny dancer main print JG-42000-1 cotton broadcloth


  • td_main_1
  • td_main_3

  • td_main_4

“I love when you squint your eyes almost closed tight, you can see all the different skin colors create an almost polka dotted pattern. This print could work for all sorts of projects, from small bags from using a huge piece to do a quilt.”

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Little Pink & Brokiga

lovely characters from Sweden

We will introduce you to the lovely fabrics from the book series “Little Pink & Brokiga” which was created by Stina Wirsen a Swedish artist and illustrator. The story of the wonderland with the independent girl in pink dress “Little Pink” and her friends “Brokiga” fascinates fans in Sweden and around the world.

The Swedish word “brokiga” means multi-color and multi-appearance. Looking carefully at each character of “Brokiga” has its own face, color and clothes. It is with Wirsen’s wish that “Every person is different. Why not respect each other’s individuality to get along with everyone?”

A product planner from KOKKA says, “Initially I thought it would be perfect for children’s apparel with its watercolor-style and gentle atmosphere in the illustration of Brokiga.” The prints of tint-colored small patterns are used for the soft double gauze, while the others with sharp and middle-sized patterns are used for fleecy fabric which is great for outer clothing. Since there is a variety of colors, you may feel tempted to create many items with this cute fabric collection.

© brokiga & co

Little Pink JG 40110-100  double gauze


  • br_100_2
  • br_100_3
  • br_100_4

The Little Pink of various postures and expressions is printed all over the fabric. There are 3 colorways but keeping the pink color of the character.

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Pop and colorful fabric loved by followers of “kawaii”(*1) items

We covered CANDY PARTY as the 2nd guest for our “visit artist” column. Marinko is one of the designers for CANDY PARTY as well as the owner of her shop CARAMEL-CRUNCH. Marinko collaborated with the shop’s creator 3no6 for their new collection that we are covering here. Marinko says, “Love loud design! Love pop and colorful items!! Love handmade stuffs!!! This collection is for lovers of gaudy and cute stuff regardless of age, sex, and race!” There are four different designs. The prints of “universe” and “vehicles” with large patterns are great for home décor projects such as curtains and bedclothes, and also work well for big bags. The other fabrics “dots x ladybugs” and “checks x ants” are great for clothing for not only kids but also adults because the photographed image prints give the fabrics more reality and less fancy.

Uchu (universe) H3043-1A  oxford


  • cara_uchu2
  • cara_uchu3

  • cara_uchu4

Outer space motifs have gotten more popular since last year. “That’s very CARAMEL-CRUNCH!” – You may say so when you see this space motifs’ fabric. “There are jellyfish, Ferris wheels, and spacewalking astronauts in our fabric. By adding items which actually don’t exist in space, we depicted a new universe.” Marinko says with a laugh.

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Less obtrusive and simple geometric patterns

Continued from the previous article in this column, we are covering Ellen Luckett Baker’s newest collection FOLK MODERN. Here are another three prints with more sedate and geometric patterns in the collection. The folk art motifs arranged in contemporary style by her are modern and stylish as its name suggests. You can enjoy these fabrics for bags, home décor, or any project.

Medallions  JG 41600-1 cotton/linen canvas


  • FM_me2
  • FM_me3
  • FM_me4

The small medallion print can be used solo as well as an accent for solid fabrics or blending well with all the other designs.

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